06 Aug

Drupal Camp Costa Rica 2018

As the global delivery manager for WeKnowInc it is part of my job to empower our engineers to transcend from t

Acquia Certified Grand Master, Certified Developer, Front End Specialist, Back End Specialist - Drupal 8
28 Mar

Drupal 8 Acquia Certification

In my current role, I wear two hats, one is the Global Delivery Manager, where I lead and manage a distributed team of highly regarded engineers, s

How to Create a Custom Block that Embeds Nodes in Drupal 8
22 Sep

How to Create a Custom Block that Embeds Nodes in Drupal 8

This is a journey of epic proportions, not suited for the faint of heart.

Git Logo
08 Apr

HOW-TO: Create a global git ignore file

If you work on web projects day in and day out, you might want to make sure pesky cruft files don't get accidentally commited when you push code up

Using SSH Agent With Mac OS X
14 Oct

Using SSH Agent With Mac OS X

SSH agent allows a user to enter their passphrase(s) for unlocking various SSH keys once at the start of a session to unlock the keys and from then on for the duration of the session the user no longer has to enter the pass phrase(s).

22 Aug

Drupal Theme Showdown: Bootstrap vs Foundation

One of the great things about going to camps is getting exposed to new technologies and to what the others are using.

Achieve Internet. Frontpage screen capture.
22 Aug

Achieve Internet: more than buzz words, applied technology

I love technology. I love keeping up with the latest trends out there and staying as close as possible to the bleeding edge, but how often do you find yourself working on a project that is UX rich and heavy on new technologies. Let's face it a project that needs Parallax, Responsive Web Design, Isotopes, FlexSlide slideshows, jQuery scripts, jCarousel sliders all while maintaining a minimalistic corporate look? Let's just say they don't just fall on your lap all that often.

20 Nov

The day I discovered Web Experience Toolkit Distribution

Think of it as the Canadian alternative to Open Public. I stumbled upon it about 6 weeks ago, give or take. It sounded cool so I added it to my "Things to investigate when time allows" list. Boy do I regret not having the time to do this sooner. It was such a rewarding experience.

05 Sep

HOW-TO: Virtual Document Root on XAMPP for MacOSX version 1.7.3

If you develop locally, like I do, chances are you need multiple virtual hosts running on your stack. There are a number of options out there.

02 Sep

Drupal Development Cycle Tasklist

As professional developers, quality is one of our prime directives. In order to assure quality, developers need to run through a list of checkpoints, some of which we tend to forget or ignore because of time constraints. In order to avoid forgetting these items I have written them out in this quick blog post.

Rob Montero

Rob Montero, Drupal Association Individual Member

Roberto Montero Ortiz is an individual member of the Drupal Association, which fosters and supports the Drupal software project, the community and its growth. He also has an active role in the Drupal Community in Costa Rica and regularly contributes to Drupal Camps held in Latin America.

Rob Montero, Acquia Certified Developer 2014   Rob Montero, Certified Developer Back End Specialist 2015Rob Montero, Acquia Certified Developer Front End Specialist

Rob is also an Acquia Certified Developer, awarded with the Grand Masters title after completing his third certification within a year. 

Zend also certifies Rob's knowledge of PHP OOP skills, but at this point this block is getting a bit presumptious. Suffice it to say, Rob is competitive and competent. He's also a nice guy all around.


Rob Montero is a pioneer in bleeding edge technologies. Learn how to generate a static site from all kinds of CMS, headless or traditional.


Plus check out some real life examples at the new artisan foundry for everything JAMStack.


Get in touch

  • Rob Montero
    Av. Popocatepetl 415
    Sta Cruz Atoyac, Benito Juarez
    Ciudad de México, 03310 
  • (858) 952 0762
  • +52  1 (55) 4580 2791
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