26 Jun

HOW-TO check your code before committing it so you look like the pro you are

One of the best practices for high performance web teams is to ensure quality by doing peer code reviews.

11 Sep

HOW-TO Set up Drush on a GoDaddy shared hosting plan

Let me start by saying if you know what Drupal and Drush are, then you know this won't work unless you have SSH access to your box.

16 Jan

HOW-TO tweak you php.ini on

I keep forgetting about this so I will make a post and hope I don't forget anymore.

Rob Montero

Rob Montero, Drupal Association Individual Member

Roberto Montero Ortiz is an individual member of the Drupal Association, which fosters and supports the Drupal software project, the community and its growth. He also has an active role in the Drupal Community in Costa Rica and regularly contributes to Drupal Camps held in Latin America.

Rob Montero, Acquia Certified Developer 2014   Rob Montero, Certified Developer Back End Specialist 2015Rob Montero, Acquia Certified Developer Front End Specialist

Rob is also an Acquia Certified Developer, awarded with the Grand Masters title after completing his third certification within a year. 

Zend also certifies Rob's knowledge of PHP OOP skills, but at this point this block is getting a bit presumptious. Suffice it to say, Rob is competitive and competent. He's also a nice guy all around.

Drupal Latin America

Rob Montero is a proud sponsor and mentor of young Drupal talent of the Costa Rican Drupal Users Group and entrepreneur at Drupal Latin America


Get in touch

  • Rob Montero
    Ave Popocatepetl 435 B 504
    Sta Cruz Atoyac, Benito Juarez
    Ciudad de México, 03310 
  • (858) 952 0762
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