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Rob Montero

I am a Senior Full Stack Software Engineer with over 20 years of experience in web development. My weapon of choice is PHP and Drupal, but I am well versed in front end and dev ops as well.  For the last decade, I have focused on Drupal development. With two Grand Master certifications on my belt, and looking for new and exciting challenges now dabble with quite some proficiency front end technologies like JAMstack, Gatsby, Hugo, Jekyll, Forestry, Stackbit, Contentful, GraphQL, building both ends of the bridge: REST APIs and plugins for Gatsby, Hugo, and other static site generators.

Certified Developer



I have received the Drupal Grand Master title twice: once for Drupal 7 and once for Drupal 8. The title is awarded to certified engineers that take three of their certification exams.

Acquia Certified Developer - Drupal 8 - 2018

Acquia Certified Front End Specialist - Drupal 8 - 2018

Acquia Certified Back End Specialist - Drupal 8 - 2018

On top of that, I am no stranger to maintaining and contributing modules on Drupal.org.

Here's a link to verify the certifications I have obtained:



It is not at all uncommon for companies to require you to proove your skills. In order to stay sharp and on top of my game I started doing coding excercises for fun. One day I decided I'd play where I could win something, like badges or certifications. HackerRank seemed like the most popular platform for interesting gigs so I have started taking some of their tests and I must say they are very entertaining. I strongly recommend them to my fellow engineers.



From time to time a recruiter will ask to see code samples, with over 20 years in the game, I have prepared a git repo with some of them.

Most of them use the popular json placeholder for you to show off your API skills.

Drupal 8, Migration, Docksal:

Check out https://github.com/talacha/scalable if you want to test the entire project, or read through the scalable_migration module if you only care about my work.


Here's another one in React: https://github.com/talacha/scalable_react



I help companies make and save money by empowering their teams to achieve their goals with total quality and on time. Which in turn helps secure repeat business from clients that are pleased with the delivered innovative yet cost-effective solutions that exceeded their expectations.

I want to continue to grow in an enviroment that fosters open collaboration, that rewards effort and appreciates an eye for detail. I also value stability, so income and work-life balance are of the upmost importance to me.


Phase 2 Technology, Nov 2021 - Present

Director of Global Delivery

Phase2 guides industry-leading companies to what’s next in their digital landscape. I oversee and facilitate the business processes involved in global operations. My primary responsibilities revolve around coordinating with analysts to identify the best practices for optimal performance and services, setting goals and objectives, monitoring progress, devising strategies to find new marketing opportunities, and identifying customer needs. Furthermore, as a director of global delivery, it is essential to lead and encourage the team members to reach goals and new milestones, all while implementing the company's policies and culture.

weKnowInc, 2016 - Nov 2021 (formerly AnexusIT)


Global Delivery Manager - Senior Web Engineer.

At https://weknowinc.com I wear mainly two hats:

  • One is the Global Delivery Manager, a role in which I lead and manage a distributed team of highly regarded engineers spread across multiple countries. I help them build their PDP, volunteer myself to be a first step in their escalation path to unblock them quickly when issues arise.

  • The other hat is Senior Web Engineer. In order to stay up to date with the current trends, I like to keep myself busy coding and architecting solutions for high-availability and high-demand web applications.

Technologies used: Outrigger, Docker, Vagrant, Angular, React, Node, Vue.js, Bootstrap, Twig, Pattern Lab, Particle. Headless Drupal, Drupal 8, Web Services, Symfony, Varnish, Memcache, Redis, XHProf, xDebug, New Relic, Pantheon, ACQUIA, AWS, Google Cloud Platform. Drush, Drupal Console.

Achieve Internet, 2009 - 2016


Developer - Senior Web Engineer.

At https://achieveinternet.com I acumulated a wealth of knowledge during my tenure, including: High end, enterprise level Drupal specialist. Specialized in large-scale CMS, ERP and CRM integrations like Eloqua and SalesForce.

I wore many hats at Achieve: aside from my coding duties I had to be the technical subject matter expert that assisted the sales team, providing a fully detailed proposal quickly or jumping on a call to do ballpark estimates.

I was also an interim Project Manager, a role that helped me facilitate communication between three different teams, coordinating the development, quality assurance, bug tracking and deployment cycles. Technologies used: jQuery, AHAH, AJAX, CDN, CSS 3.0 and HTML 5. Node, React, Angular, Backbone. Apache’s SOLR, Cassandra, MongoDB, Django (Python), RightScale and MariaDB. Vagrant, Redis, Pantheon, Acquia. Amazon EC2 instances.

Backend and Frontend programming for high demand Drupal web applications. Performance tuning. Integration with third party web services and APIs. Identify and architect the best solution for our client's needs. Prepare RFP responses and estimates. 10+ projects actively maintained on D.O.

Drupal Costa Rica + DLA Latin America, 2008 - 2016

Drupal Evangelist + Entrepreneur.

Focus on Business Performance:

Specialized in highend, enterprise level Drupal websites. Specialized in large scale ERP and CRM integrations like Eloqua and SalesForce. Be the technical subject matter expert that assisted the sales team, providing an accurate and quick turnaround of RFPs, increasing the overall sales and exceeding the sales/marketing goals. As an interim Project Manager, I was able to facilitate communication between three different teams, coordinating the development, quality assurance, bug tracking and deployment cycles. Technologies used: jQuery, AHAH, AJAX, CDN, CSS 3.0 and HTML 5. Research and Development: In order to stay ahead of the curve, we researched all the bleeding edge emerging technologies, like Apache’s SOLR, Cassandra, MongoDB, Django (Python), Amazon EC2 instances, RightScale and MariaDB.

Focus on Community Growth:

Strong involvement in the local PHP and Drupal communities. Lead and support meetups and workshops. We successfully created the Drupal Users Group and regularly host a meetup event called Drupal After Dark. Planning the first Drupal Camp Costa Rica. We facilitates the training of young PHP developers into strong Drupal engineers. We secures offshore projects and use them as training cases for our mentoring programs. Increase project profitability by streamlining the development process and balancing the workload between developers of diverse levels. We specialize in localization, internationalization, and integration of social APIs and plugins.

ExcelSoftsources, 2008 - 2009

Team Lead & Senior Programmer II.

Receive a Backlog of Use Cases and high-level Stories, then lead and participate in sprint planning meetings, going over detailed tasks, and setting deliverables and delegating them balanced among the team. Strengths: Drupal module development, profiling, and optimization. Drupal theming.

Worked with the media and publishing industries. Integration with third-party APIs like ComissionJunction.com and Amazon.com Built high-demand websites with minimal memory footprint. Built jQuery enriched backend user interfaces to deliver a friendly user experience.Coordinate tasks between the client and the development team.

Achieve Internet, 2007 - 2008

Team Lead, offshore manager.

Managed a team that was focused on theming and develop specific projects supporting the high workload with the US team. Hiring and evaluation of new associates. Web App Development. Frontend Development. Quality Assurance

Open Source Consulting, 2006 - 2007

Senior Developer & Team Lead.

Coordinate the efforts of four development teams, spanning three countries, to seamlessly deliver precise and high-quality solutions on time. Soft skills and lateral skills were key to managing a frictionless relationship. Out team had ownership of a complete product branch, thus enhancing it in every aspect including architecture, infrastructure, performance, accessibility, and reliability. Refactoring and optimizing preexisting code. Use of refraction and introspection properties of PHP 5 in profiling classes to optimize the code.

PHPBeast.net, 2004 - 2006

Senior Developer & Team Lead.

Coordinate the Development Team. We built an SEO oriented CMS solution from scratch, using O.O. PHP Programming (classes and objects), AJAX, CSS, XML/XLS, RSS, Ping, Trackback and web services. We had to work with and optimize large-volume queries. We relied heavily on caching and memory tables to speed up the process of bulk website generation. Sites went from being fully rebuilt in 10 minutes to under 1 minute, increasing the number of websites that could be serviced per instance. The cached HTML and PHP files were then uploaded via user-defined upload channels, that could be FTP, SFTP, SCP or RSync.

TecnoMercadeo Latinoamericano, 2001 - 2003

Web Developer.

Programming and web development (ASP + HTML). Network administration. Systems administrations. Developed custom tailored content management solutions. Database management. Server management and technical support. Installation and configuration of servers. Domain management, DNS, IPs

ULACIT, 1999 - 2001

Latin American University of Science and Technology http://www.ulacit.ac.cr

Computer Lab Asst.

Technical support with end users. PC + Mac preventive and repair maintenance. Network setup, maintenance, and monitoring. Linux, Windows, MacOS, Solaris set up and maintenance. Systems development. Graphic design for internal systems. Trainer: Open courses ( MS Office suite). Workshops: ASP and internet development. Tutoring.

Cristo.Net, 1998 - 2001

Junior Web Developer

Light website creation. Efficient mini sites for Costa Rican christian ministries. Full site development for events. Booking, accommodations management system, donations. Mentor junior coders. Assist PM with technical insight.


ULACIT Latin American University of Science and Technology, 1999 - 2004

Ranked the best university in Costa Rica, ten years in a row.

Bs CSE in Computer Sciences and Engineering.

Emphasis on Systems Engineering and Information Technologies.

Under the hood

Areas of Expertise


Drupal (20+ years), WordPress, Contentful, Forestry and other headless CMS.

Web Programming:

PHP (25+ years), jQuery, AJAX, MySQL (MariaDB, Percona), Redis, Varish, CloudFLare, AWS, Azure, REST, GraphQL, SOAP, XML. NoSQL, CouchDB, MongoDB, React, Angular, Node. Yarn, NPM, Composer.

Dev Ops:

Travis, Jenkins, Circle-CI, Docker, Vagrant.


Adobe Creative Suite, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects


MacOS, Linux and Windows.

Version Control:

Git. Git-flow. Mercurial. CVS, SVN Versioning control systems.

Other not so used skills:

Certified PL/SQL programmer from ORACLE UniversityASP, SQL Server. Proficient in most operating systems MacOS, Microsoft: MS-DOS to Windows 10. Linux all major distibutions. Mostly Ubuntu and CentOS. Adobe Creative Suite. Adobe Macromedia Suite. Basic knowledge of Postgres, Flash, ActionScript, Flex, ColdFusion.

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