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What are you working on?

Tell me what you're working on and I will tell you how I can help. Whether it is by accelerating your current dev team, expanding your tech stack or just fine tuning your web application, I am here to help.

How can I help?

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Refresh or Upgrade your CMS

You have a message and an audience. My job for the last 20+ years has been connecting the two in effective, meaningful and engaging ways. Take advantage of the unprecedented variety of tools at our disposal to ensure your message hits your audience first and hits them hard.

I can help you build a secure, blazing fast, SEO friendly marketing and sales tool that will boost your sales and revenue without compromising the editorial experience for your team and ease of use for your clients.

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Replatforming your legacy CMS?

So you're done with your current platform and want to migrate all that valuable content elsewhere? Look no further, I can help you create a future-proof home for your product.

Tired of spending lots of time and money redesigning your website? Why not build a reusuable, platform agnostic design system using StencilJS and Storybook then implementing the design system in your Drupal, Wordpress, Angular, React or any other platform of your choice, consistently and efficiently.

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JAMStack and headless CMS

You may have heard static site generators are the next big thing, and you heard right. Let me show you how to connect your existing content management solution to a secure, blazing fast, CDN distributed web property that search engines will love and visitors will actually enjoy.

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The best place to stay up to date on my work life is LinkedIn. Don't be shy, reach out.